Our most sought after model, the EU Series Double Bass is made in the Czech Republic to the exact specifications of the original US Series Instrument. The revolutionary design is molded from concentric laminations of graphite and rock maple that run the entire length of the instrument for maximum sonic integrity. The maple and graphite hybrid delivers a remarkably warm, sustained, and brilliant tone, with consistent clarity and definition from note to note. The patented neck is curved inward to follow the arch of the fingerboard, resulting in a slim, easy to play neck with full access to the upper register. The underside of the molded graphite fingerboard is also curved inward to match the arch of the neck, resulting in an extremely stable structure that is not affected by humidity and seasonal change. A dual action truss rod adjust neck relief to suite different strings and player preferences. All EU Series instruments come equipped with both Polar and EMG magnetic pickup systems. With its ability to respond to lateral and vertical vibration separately or both at once, the Polar pickup is uniquely suited to an instrument that is both bowed and plucked. A fabulous bowed response and drum like pizzicato attack are characteristic of the lateral mode, while sustained pizz. response of the vertical mode creates a new dimension for the upright bass. Magnetic pickups by EMG add a smooth "electric" option the sound palette. With active bass and treble EQ and full control of pickup selection, the sound options are virtually unlimited. Available in 5 and 6 string models, the EU Series Double Bass is in a class of its own, offering the bassist unparalleled performance and tonal quality.

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